PeerCast Server

PeerCast is a simple, free way to listen to radio and watch video on the Internet. It uses P2P technology to let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming. This means you get to hear and watch stations not normally found on commercially funded sites. This project continues the development of it after the original project is dead: there no further development takes place and the software stalls on its current (outdated) version.

Due to its P2P technology PeerCast offers considerable savings for broadcasters because they do not have to provide bandwidth for all of their listeners. A single 56K modem can be used to broadcast a radio station to the entire network.

PeerCast is a robust network because there is no central server, each user can be a client, server or broadcaster of streams. It offers anonymity for broadcasters because there is no easy way to trace back to the original stream, it is even possible to broadcast directly to a single client located in a different country and have that provide the source for the entire network.

PeerCast can also serve streams directly to any media player. This means that it can be used in place of a Shoutcast/Icecast server to provide both direct and P2P streaming at the same time.

It works in much the same way as other P2P fileshare clients except that instead of downloading files, the users download streams. These streams are then exchanged in real-time with other users. No data is stored locally on any machine connected to the network.

The client software has the ability to serve web pages to normal browsers such as Mozilla and Internet Explorer. This means that people on your LAN can search for and listen to channels without having to install the client software on their PC. Offices can have one PeerCast client providing audio streams to the entire LAN. Or you can set up a private network with your friends on the Internet to listen to music. Its your choice about whether you connect directly to the PeerCast network or not.

For downloads, webboard and the bugtracker please go to the project page.

To download and install the PeerCast local client software SlimPeer please go here. This is a subproject of PeerCast and will be merged with the main project soon.